Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mabati Rolling Mills rolls out prefab houses

Mabati Rolling Mills has entered the low-end housing market by offering prefabricated houses. The manufacturer is seeking a piece of the property market from selling ready-made steel houses that will retail at between Sh80,000 and Sh160,000 for two and four-room homes respectively. It hopes that the pricing will help it penetrate the low-end of the housing market that many investors have neglected as they target the lucrative middle and top-end of the market. READ ON:

Price Guide
Note that the prices are for:

  1. Supply only (erection is handled by your fundis/ contractors)
  2. VAT exclusive
  3. The super-structure only (works above ground level) - the foundation (where applicable) and base-slab is not included
  4. The quotations are for a open-plan space only (outer perimeter shell - no internal partitions) - these may be added at an extra cost
  5. The price and/or supply of doors, windows, ceilings, fixtures, fittings and loose furniture are not included.
  6. A sample house ("T" and "L" shapes) may be viewed at the MRM Athiriver factory, Mombasa Road (after JKIA turn-off, between Kapa Oil Refineries & Nation printing Press) as from 25th August 2011 when erection will have been finalized.
  7. The offer materials may be customized to other different house types/ sizes. A quote on the basis of customer-supplied full designs drawings/ details (1 weeks time to evaluate) can be prepared.


  1. Hi,

    This has come at the correct time. What is the current cost? I need to put up a house by January 2012. Please send me a quote for a three bed roomed house on the below e-mail:


  2. Dear,
    Please contact MRM directly for revised quotations. Their contacts can be found at this page:

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  4. Hi,

    I hope you are well. I am writing on behalf of Mabati Rolling Mills. The prices have since changed and I was wondering if you could get in contact with me and update your prices. My email is

  5. Nzula, I will get in touch for the new price guides. Do you have images of completed projects? In the meantime I will refer all price related queries to you. Regards.

  6. Actually we were hoping you would just do away with the price list and replace it with one of our brochures on the house instead. With this interested parties can come to us directly and request for information and get a glimpse of the model house which is on site at our premises.

    1. Hello Nzula,

      I just got introduced to your prefab hosing and I'm interested in putting up apartments either in Embu or Rongai. Could you please advice on costing and security,specially in Rongai for the houses.
      Plots are 3/4 acre.
      You can also include your # so we can talk live if thats easier.

  7. Super This is the wayn forward for most Kenyans as we move towards vission 2030. I am interested with putting up a 4 roomed house, Kindly help with the quotation + the way forward.
    My contacts are

    Kindly regards,

  8. Hi Anthony,Contact Nzula above for the quotation you seek.

  9. am interested in putting a house in Kitengela in less than two weeks, is it possible?

  10. Am interested in putting a 2 bedroomed house in ruai in octomber how can I reach u for quotations

  11. Hi am interested in a 2-3 bedroom house please send me your current quotes on the email below

  12. Hi,
    May i pliz get a quotation of a house costing lower than 100,000.00 shillings to be build in Rongai near Nazarene University.


  13. hi, please sent me a quotation for 2-3 bedroom to email I will very much appreciate.

  14. Thanks for sharing the price guidelines of prefab houses. Prefab house is more reliable for commercial and residential purpose. The best feature of these prefab houses are easily moveable.
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  15. Hi, please send me phone number of the mabati rolling mill prefab houses. .mine is 0508776814.

  16. Hi, I'm interested in buying the prefabs. Please contact me through

  17. Is this still going on? I am not hearing anything about this, anywhere, except for this ooooooold article, which surely is interesting even in 2015 provided that someone is actually DOING it ??? Pls. let me know via email, - if anyone has got any knowledge about if this is still going on...

  18. Hi Davud,
    Unfortunately MRM dont seem to have followed on this system, or so it appears. However I will purpose to chase them up for updated information,. I also intend to contact Kaluworks who had a similar housing solution at R&D phase.

  19. Hi.
    Kindly send me a quote for a four bedroomed house. I would love to put up one in Kangundo at the earliest possible time. Thanks, as I anxiously await this quote. Kindly separately costing with

    Sincere regards,