Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mtwapa town's popular nightlife runs a 24-hour economy

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Night economy makes Mtwapa shine
Billed as one of the fastest growing towns in east and central Africa, Mtwapa town’s nocturnal life – entertainment in bars and night clubs – has spawned a massive investment in conferencing. Holding a conference at a beach hotel comes with its restrictions including being holed up within the precincts of the facility, a tradition that is fast fading with the growing number of young people employed in public and private institutions today.
Investors in property and real estate in Mtwapa – which thanks to its popular nightlife runs a 24-hour economy – are now putting their money in the lucrative conferencing segment to cash in on the growing demand. When Mr Peter Mwara put up Danpark Hotel and Apartments with a bed capacity of 160 in 2008, he had no idea that in just a couple of months he could create a conference facility which can host 120 participants. read on: http://www.nation.co.ke/Features/smartcompany/Night+economy+makes+Mtwapa+shine+/-/1226/1256934/-/pvj76az/-/index.html

Mtwapa City!
In a decade Mtwapa town grew from Swahili fishermen village at the Mtwapa Creek to a bustling Kenyan city in Mombasa's North Coast. The community staying in Mtwapa City cosmopolitan from all over Kenya. Mixed with retired, mainly Europeans, and travelers from all over the world, Mtwapa is an interesting mix of people with a unique atmosphere and nature. Economy is flourishing. Investments, trade in properties and real estate. Boutiques, saloons, shops, hotels, kiosks, supermarkets, and cybers cafes operate 24 hrs; nightclubs and bars made Mtwapa nightlife the bustling city to be on the Kenyan north coast. source: http://www.mtwapa.info/

The Casaurina Nomad
Established in1997, is a day and night club that offers open air disco, restaurant, meeting point, pool billiards, bar lounge, playground and safari excursions. About Casaurina Nomad

Club Lambada
Set at the northern tip of Mtwapa town, Club Lambada opened its doors in December 2007, it has played host to some of the biggest local and international artists concerts. The club is Ideal for working or leisure lunches, during the day Club Lambada offers a peaceful serene atmosphere with meals served at the poolside accompanied by fresh juice cocktails from the ‘in pool’ health bar….
As the day comes to a close and dusk sets in, the lights come on with the buzz of the dedicated team as they prepare to take you on a nighttime experience you will never forget. Club Lambada offers Splash Disco, Restaurant, Conference, Resort, Boutique and Salon & Baber Shop services.
source: http://clublambada.com/

Origins of the town's name
There are unconfirmed myths about how the town gained its name. One such myth is that the community that originally sprung in the area would often seek acknowledgment if the person living in the area was "mtu wa hapa" - Swahili, that loosely translates to 'he who lives among us'. The phrase was especially used to prevent a person otherwise unknown to the rest of the community from being ostracized from the area as an outsider. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mtwapa